Vetro in New York

Restaurant ACME in New York, with Danish Chef Mads Refslund at the wheel, have recently acquired a range of products designed by Nina Nørgaard. The pieces were originally designed for the Copenhagen Cooking event “Glastronomy” in Søndermarken.

Check ACME out on their website.

Vetro in Paris

At La Boutique Danoise in Paris (264 Boulevard Saint Germain), the Royal vases by Vetro designed for Restaurant Søren K at the Danish Royal Library now stand side by side with other design icons from Arne Jacobsen to Busk + Hertzog and Bertil Vallien.

For more information, please visit the website of La Boutique Danoise.

Vetro in Copenhagen

Vetro has a permanent exhibition at gallery Hegnhøj & Blyme (Gothersgade 97) where you can see and acquire pieces made for the Copenhagen Cooking event "Glastronomy" and the Dimma bowl. More pieces coming up at this location.

For more information, please visit Hegnhøj & Blyme on Facebook.

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